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Horoscope for Virgo

Even if the last two months had no direct impact on you and it was not as severe as it was for some of your cosmic mates, there may have been a general sense of stress, tension or anxiety. Sometimes that is worse because there is nothing you can put your finger on, with your imagination forced to join the dots in a way that is pure speculation. For everyone, there is a collective sigh of relief moving into August because the conditions aren't just slowly improving. This is a drastic shift, with August as light, optimistic and sunny as the last two months were challenging. Some astrologers have called June and July 2019 'the meat grinder' and I wouldn't disagree. The energy this month couldn't be any more different and to start with, that means a chance to catch your breath. For the first time since October 2017 the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all come together in the same area of your chart, not once, but twice but it is where they come together that is so perfect for you. You begin the month with the Sun, Mars and Venus in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, with Mercury's return on 12th August bringing them together for the first time in 20 months. This is a chance to catch your breath and even find time to hear yourself think. Yet it is where this powerful and concentrated planetary pack goes next that is really exciting. It begins with Mars' return to Virgo on 18th August, followed by Venus' return on 21st August, the Sun's return on 23rd August and Mercury's return on 29th August. All the faster moving planets in the solar system will not only end the month in Virgo, giving the launch of your new solar year some serious momentum, but a New Moon on 30th August will be a chance to commit to the journey ahead. This makes it important to make the most of a chance to catch your breath in the early part of the month, making time to hear yourself think.

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